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Terrebonne General Health System Board of Commissioners Provide Substantial Monetary Commitment to Keep Staff, Physicians and Our Community Prepared for COVID-19

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  • Written By: Rhonda Alfred

Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC) and the TGMC Board of Commissioners have made, and continue to make, substantial investments to keep their staff, physicians and our community prepared for COVID-19. Throughout this ongoing pandemic, TGMC has taken a proactive approach and established a COVID Medical Team to ensure the safest care, and the most adequate supplies and resources are available. To date, approximately five million dollars ($5.0 mil) has been invested in the improvements of the medical center for our community’s health and safety.

Significant strides have been made and are currently in place to remain COVID-19 ready, steps that include modifications to the physical plant, staffing, personal protective equipment (PPE), testing, and pharmaceuticals. Negative pressure rooms and additional security measures were also made to accommodate our COVID-positive patients, while keeping other patients and staff safe. Several million dollars were allocated to continue adequate staffing models and assuring our most precious commodity, our human resources, were well taken care of. Life-saving pharmaceuticals were and continue to be on hand to treat patients in dire need and were provided well in advance of the need. Although PPE has been a challenge in all COVID impacted areas, these supplies were planned for very early on such that our patients, physicians, and staff were always properly protected. To date, TGMC continues to screen employees and visitors prior to entering the premises to ensure continued protection to all areas.

“If an item is needed to improve patient care, to receive results quicker, or to be more efficient with the services we are providing, our board relies on the expertise of our medical experts and are in full support,” said J. Louis Watkins, III, TGMC Board Chairman.

Because testing is in such high demand it became a top priority of our team. Adequate tests continue to be available for our patients and community. TGMC offers drive-through COVID-19 testing with same day results and plans to expand this in order to meet local business and community need. We understand how important it is to stay open and running during these challenging economic times. This area requires a sizable investment to be made which includes building and grounds updates, new equipment, and increased staff.

“Having the unconditional support of our Board of Commissioners allows our team to expand and grow to combat this continuing pandemic with tenacity,” said Phyllis Peoples, President and CEO.

Other investments made to enhance TGMC’s ability to provide the safest, most effective treatment possible was heightening cleaning and sanitizing equipment, state-of-the-art technology, and readiness programs for schools and businesses. “We have taken every measure possible to ensure our COVID-19 readiness, preparedness and safety both inside and outside the walls of our hospital,” said Watkins. “We remain committed to making future investments to be proactive in the care that we provide,” Watkins added.

Last but not least, a huge thank you to our community for their unwavering support and outpouring of love for our physicians and staff. We could not have gotten through the worst of this without your prayers, well wishes, delicious meals and kind words. Together we are making it though the most unprecedented time of our lives.