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Cancer Treatment

At Terrebonne General Health System, we partner with Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center to detect cancer in its earliest stages so that we can begin cancer treatment immediately. There are many types of cancer, but they share similar characteristics. Cancer begins with the abnormal cells developing and dividing quickly and uncontrollably while invading and destroying surrounding healthy tissues. Cancer is a feared diagnosis, but thanks to improvements in cancer detection from routine screenings, cancer is more treatable than in past decades.

Terrebonne General | Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center

Terrebonne General Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Houma, Louisiana, helps patients in the Bayou Region by meeting their individual needs. Our Cancer Center offers many different services and treatments, from cancer screenings to medical oncology such as chemotherapy, radiation oncology, surgery to remove tumors, and much more. There are several types of cancer, but many are detectable in their early stages before a person even has symptoms. For this reason, it is vital to follow your doctor’s recommendations for routine cancer screenings such as pap tests, colonoscopies, and mammograms, among others.

Some of the services we offer to patients with cancer to help them fight their disease include:

We accept appointments through primary care doctor referrals and for patients without referrals. Reach out to Terrebonne General by calling (985) 850-6052 today.

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