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Pulmonologists in Houma, LA

Looking After Your Family for 70 Years

Our goal at Terrebonne General Health System is to help you breathe easier with the expert treatment from board-certified pulmonologists and respiratory therapists. Those suffering from problems breathing can feel like even ordinary activities are unbearable. Our pulmonologists are here to help.

As experts in lung care, our pulmonologists provide comprehensive diagnoses and treatment to help improve not only your ability to breathe but also your quality of life. Highly trained in acute and chronic lung conditions, our pulmonologists see patients affected with any lung problem, from asthma to pneumonia and anything else that hinders the ability to breathe, including lung cancer.

Our pulmonology services include:

  • Breathing and lung function tests
  • Disease management and education
  • Lung nodule screening and treatment
  • Home oxygen evaluations
  • Oxygen desaturation testing
  • Sleep studies
  • Lung cancer screenings and treatment, alongside oncologists
  • And more

New patients referred to Terrebonne General Pulmonology Care will be seen within a week or less! The only exception is if the patient(s) request an appointment later than a week.

Do I Need to See a Pulmonologist?

It’s common to feel short of breath after strenuous physical activity or from acute illnesses that affect the lung, like bronchitis or seasonal flu. All you may need for these bouts of illness is a primary care physician. Only when your breathing condition persists, even while at rest, are instances when you might want to enlist the help of a pulmonologist. Symptoms of lung problems include chronic coughing, shortness of breath, feeling like you’re not getting enough air, inability to exercise, coughing up blood or mucus, pain or discomfort when inhaling or exhaling, and feeling fatigued even while at rest. Our lung specialists will help you with a full range of diagnostic, including imaging studies, to come to an accurate diagnosis and to dictate a treatment plan. No matter your diagnosis, you can count on our pulmonologists and respiratory therapists to create a customized treatment plan to meet your needs and improve your quality of life.

Do I Need Respiratory Therapy?

If you need a respiratory therapist, you will be referred to one either through admittance to the emergency department or your primary care physician. These certified medical professionals treat patients of all ages, are highly knowledgeable, and use high-tech equipment such as ventilators while working alongside a pulmonary team, often including pulmonologists and a multidisciplinary team. Respiratory therapists are called upon in many different sections of the hospital, including the emergency department, critical care services, general floor care, women's center, outpatient pavilion, and rehabilitative services.

They may also be needed after surgery, such as heart operations or lung failure. Respiratory therapists also can initiate life support for those who are no longer conscious or able to breathe on their own.

To contact us at Terrebonne General Pulmonology Care, please call (985) 850-6090 to speak to someone directly.

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