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After 30 years as Terrebonne General Medical Center, we’re changing our name to Terrebonne General Health System. We've been TGMC since 1985, and we're proud of what the name represents to the Houma region. But our role has evolved, and the term "medical center" no longer accurately reflects what we do. We're becoming more of a community resource; a health partner that offers both preventive care and hospital care in multiple locations.

The new name better represents our new function, and it will be accompanied by all kinds of advancements.

We're expanding the Cancer Center, establishing a physician multi-specialty clinic, and building on and off-site facilities to make it easier to fill prescriptions and perform various types of tests.

Along with this new name comes a new look. We've undergone a complete rebranding, and one of the most important elements is our new logo. It's an icon in the shape of a medical cross formed by two intersecting hearts. The inner intersection of the hearts forms a leaf, representing the native oak trees found on the campus and symbolizing the long-lasting and trusted legacy of Terrebonne General.

The new logo is accompanied by a new tagline, "Modern technology. Timeless caring." This speaks to our core philosophy of treating patients with a combination of "high tech" and "high touch" healing. We hope it reminds people that while our name might have changed, our core values haven't.

Finally, we're also completely overhauling our graphics for a more cohesive appearance. This includes new typography and a more contemporary and attention-grabbing color palette.

There are many other exciting changes in our future, and we'll be talking more about those in the months to come. But no matter what changes we make, our commitment to providing the best possible care to this wonderful community will remain exactly the same.