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Terrebonne General Medical Center Announces New Brand

Terrebonne General Medical Center Announces New Brand

Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC) unveiled a new and exciting business brand which includes a new name and new logo identity. The new business brand, Terrebonne General Health System, better reflects their role as a community resource that can deliver both hospital care and preventive care, while also providing basic healthcare needs offsite.

Almost 70 years ago, the medical and community leaders had a vision to put one of the first regional state-of-the art hospitals in Terrebonne Parish that would provide an array of primary care services and specialists to serve the needs of patients. It has been a journey; however, Terrebonne General has remained steadfast and their mission and vision is the same today.

The forefathers of medical care in Terrebonne Parish date back to 1923 with the first practice opened by Dr. Prentiss Parker. In the 1930’s, another clinic was opened by Dr. H.L. Haydel and in 1935 Ellender Memorial Hospital was opened by Dr. Willard and Stephen Ellender. Over the next 15 years, as the community grew, so did the vision for the expansion of healthcare and thus the vision of Terrebonne General Hospital was born. In the 1950’s, the Sisters of St. Joseph worked with Terrebonne Parish Police jury to construct and lease a new hospital which opened in 1954 with 76 beds. Eventually the hospital was expanded to 110 beds. In 1979, Hospital Service District No.1 (the District) was formed and no longer operated by the Sisters of St. Joseph. Once again, the need to grow was evident and in 1984, a new medical center was opened and named Terrebonne General Medical Center. In 1985, Terrebonne Parish sold the Medical Center and all related properties to the District to be operated independently from the parish and in accordance with Service District Laws under the State of Louisiana.

Today, Terrebonne General is a 321-bed facility, with over 200 physicians, 1,500 employees, and 144,000 admissions annually. Meeting the needs of patients, community, and the region, their locations of service and models of care continue to evolve. “To better reflect the size and scope of our vision to provide medical care where care is needed, both within and outside the walls of the medical center, Terrebonne General Medical Center’s name is expanding to “Terrebonne General Health System,” said Phyllis Peoples, President and CEO.

The fresh, new logo represents Terrebonne General’s expansive presence. The icon is in the shape of a medical cross, formed by two intersecting heart shapes. The inner intersection of the hearts forms a leaf, representing the native oak trees found on the campus, and symbolizing the long-lasting and trusted legacy of Terrebonne General.

The new logo will be accompanied by a new tagline, “Modern technology. Timeless caring.” This tagline is built around our core philosophy of treating patients with a combination of “high tech” and “high touch.” This is an important reminder that, although our name has changed, what we stand for has not changed nor has our core values.

The gradient color in the logo icon transitioning between a blue-green and a bright green passes through the legacy brand color of teal. This symbolizes the coming together of “Modern technology.” and Timeless caring.” as well as the continued growth of Terrebonne General into new territory and beyond as a Health System.

With the new name comes many other changes that will help Terrebonne General to better serve the people of our region. Developments that are underway include expanding the Terrebonne General Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, establishing physician multi-specialty clinics, and building on and off-site facilities to make it more convenient for our patients to fill prescriptions and perform various types of tests.

“TGMC has evolved, and the term ‘medical center’ no longer accurately reflects what we do,” said Peoples. “We’re becoming more of a health partner that offers both preventive care and hospital care in multiple locations.”

Peoples added, “Even with all these changes, Terrebonne General’s core mission remains the same: Offering our patient’s exceptional healthcare with compassion. The main difference is, now we’ll be able offer it to more people in more places.”

The name change is effective immediately.