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Building a Healthier Easter Basket

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  • Written By: Heidi Cehan, NP
Building a Healthier Easter Basket
  • How to make a healthy snack basket?
    • Making a healthy snack basket is easier than you think. Aiming to fill the basket with nutritious foods such as fruits and some finger veggies is always a great idea! Basically, make a basket that you’d want to feed to the Easter Bunny. Always try to aim for whole, natural foods without added sugars.
  • What to put in a non-food Easter basket?
    • The best thing to put in a non-food Easter basket is age-appropriate developmental toys. An excellent place to start is looking into Montessori kid-friendly toys that can be found according to age and developmental stage.
  • What should I put in my baby’s Easter basket?
    • I would personally put an outfit or long-sleeved swimsuit (UV protection is best) as well as sunscreen to prepare for summer months. You can also include baby foods appropriate to the stage of life as well as snacks if your baby is at an age where foods have been introduced. Infant teethers are also a great idea!
  • What do you put in a toddler’s Easter basket?
    • I would include age-appropriate art supplies, developmental toys, or books! I am personally including a long-sleeve swimsuit, sunscreen, side-walk chalk, a book, and dye-free candies in my child’s Easter basket.
  • How do you make an Easter basket for an older child?
    • While every older child is different, including clothing or gift cards to local stores is always a good idea! It gives the child the freedom to potentially pick their gift or begin understanding the concept of finances and freedom of choice. Again, you can never go wrong with a bathing suit, sunscreen, and a book!

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