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Terrebonne General Health System First in the State to Offer New CT Scanner

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  • Written By: Rhonda Alfred
Terrebonne General Health System First in the State to Offer New CT Scanner

Pictured: 3D construction created from a scan by the GE Revolution Frontier CT system.

HOUMA, LA –Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC) is the first and only facility in the state to use the new Computed Tomography (CT) scanner, the GE Revolution Frontier Gen 2. This breakthrough technology makes diagnostic imaging safer and faster for patients while using low doses of radiation to create exceptionally high-quality images.

CT scan images provide medical experts with more detailed information than traditional X-rays. A CT scan combines a series of X-ray images taken from different angles around the body. CT scans can give a clearer picture of a variety of internal conditions that X-rays or physical exams can miss, such as colon or lung cancer or vascular blood clots. They are especially helpful in quickly examining people who may have internal injuries from trauma, such as car accidents. Similar to X-rays, CT scans involve radiation. TGMC’s new CT scanner allows a technologists to adjust the radiation dose based on the patient’s age and weight, limiting the radiation exposure to only what is absolutely necessary.

By using the most advanced technology available in the state, patients will experience shorter breath-holds and wait times during scans. The comfort of the patient will also be improved as the new technology allows for an overall quieter experience, peaceful scenery videos and instructional videos.

In addition, TGMC’s new CT scanner offers a large reduction in calcium blurring and solid structure artifact. It also captures images faster than traditional CT scanners giving medical professional more information to increase confidence in diagnosis.

“Our new CT scanner allows us to continue to improve lives through world-class diagnostic imaging,” said Phyllis Peoples, President and CEO. “By using the most advanced technology in the state, patient safety and comfort will be improved while our medical providers receive the highest quality images possible to be confident in their diagnoses and treatment plans.”