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Roy's Journey: The Path to Healing

Roy's Journey: The Path to Healing

In just 6 months, Roy Breaux had 7 procedures to fix a blockage in his leg. After a bypass surgery was performed to restore circulation, he was left with a chronic, non-healing wound near his groin. Roy was then referred to the Terrebonne General Health System Wound & Hyperbaric Clinic.

The wound care team worked with a plastic surgeon to complete a skin flap procedure, a common method used to cover or repair damaged skin, near the wound. This flap helped him qualify for an additional advanced treatment at the clinic—hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy, a treatment in which patients breathe 100% oxygen inside a pressurized chamber to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal.

Roy explained that having a chronic wound was tough on him and his family but that the wound center provider and nurses were “awesome” to him. “We got along well,” he said. “They took very good care of me.”

He also explained that the team prepared him well for every step of his wound care journey, educating him on what they were doing and why it would help. “They answered all my questions, and I never felt any discomfort.”

Roy completed 40 HBO treatments over the course of his treatment in addition to attending his weekly wound care visits. He was then discharged healed.

“After my wound was healed, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders,” Roy explained. “I was finally able to go on our family vacation.”

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