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What to Expect

We are pleased that you have chosen us to assist in your care. Our facility combines the latest surgical technology with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. This page is designed to provide as much information as possible and help answer many of the questions you may have regarding your surgery before your visit.

Learn what to expect and what measures should be taken before, during, and after your surgery:

Before Your Surgery

  • Please talk to your doctor about any daily medications you are currently taking. Be sure to mention any over-the-counter medications, including herbal supplements.

  • Do not eat or drink anything (including water) after 12:00 AM (midnight) unless your physician instructs you differently.

  • Take a bath or shower the night before or the morning of the surgery.

  • Brush your teeth but do not swallow the water.

  • Refrain from smoking the evening prior, and do not drink alcohol 24 hours before surgery.

The Day of Surgery

  • It is important that you arrive promptly at the scheduled time.

  • We encourage you to ask any questions you might have.

  • Let the staff know of any special needs you might have.

  • Bring a picture ID and insurance cards with you. If requested, bring forms (pre-op orders, history, and physical copies of labs and EKG) from your physician.

  • If you are taking prescription medications, bring your medications or a complete list of your medications, including the dosage and frequency.

  • Arrange for a family member or friend to wait in the waiting room. You must have a responsible person to drive you home and make any necessary stops at the pharmacy after your surgery.

  • Do not wear make-up.

  • Valuables (i.e., all jewelry and money) should be left home.

  • You may wear glasses but no contact lenses.

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes.

  • Expect to be at the facility for two to three hours on the day of your procedure.

After Your Surgery

  • Dizziness is normal after receiving anesthesia; therefore, you should wait 24 hours after returning home before:

    • Driving or operating equipment

    • Signing important papers

    • Making significant decisions

    • Drinking alcoholic beverages

    • Taking any medications that are not prescribed or acknowledged by your surgeon

  • Be sure to follow any specific post-operative instructions given to you by your physician regarding diet, exercise, rest, activities, and medication. A written summary of these will be provided to you before your release.

  • Please let your doctor know if you notice any abnormalities at the operative site.

Helpful Reminders

Please limit the number of family or friends who come with you. Seating is very limited.

If you are driving for more than 30 minutes, put one or two pillows in your car to elevate the operative extremity.

Females will need to give a urine sample for a pregnancy test pre-operatively.

If you or your family need the services of a foreign-language or hearing-impaired interpreter, please call to arrange one at no cost to you.

If you have a specific concern that needs to be addressed satisfactorily, please call Gulf Coast Surgical Center at (985) 872-1661.