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Robotic Bronchoscopy

If you and your doctor decide that robotic-assisted bronchoscopy is right for you, here is what may happen.

During robotic-assisted bronchoscopy with Ion, your physician guides an ultra-thin catheter through your airway to the area of your lung for biopsy.

The small, flexible catheter can reach all segments of the lung—even far into the outer lung.

Once the nodule for the biopsy is located, the catheter locks in place. Your physician will insert biopsy tools through the catheter to take a sample of your lung tissue.

What is Ion?

Ion is used to perform robotic-assisted bronchoscopy. This system can reach all 18 segments of the lungs and be placed to obtain a biopsy. Ion is made by Intuitive, the pioneer in robotic-assisted surgery with da Vinci systems. It features:


The ultra-thin catheter and integrated vision probe provide the physician direct vision to reach all parts of the lungs.


The shape-sensing technology provides precise location and shape information throughout the whole biopsy process. The system holds the catheter in place for precise placement for biopsy tools.


The catheter can move 180° in all directions and the Flexision™ biopsy needle, a flexible biopsy needle compatible with Ion, help enable biopsy.

What does it enable?

Be sure to talk with your physician about the outcomes he or she delivers using Ion, as every physician’s experience is different. For example, ask about:

  • Complication rate
  • Success of reaching small nodules in difficult-to-reach locations
  • How often they get a diagnosis based on the biopsy sample

Ask your doctor today for more information.

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