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Occupational Therapy

Treating You Like Neighbors, Not Patients.

When you need rehabilitation services from an occupational therapist, you’ll be treated by experts who specialize in helping you regain the ability to do everyday tasks that will increase your quality of life. For example, an occupational therapist can help you learn how to navigate your home or workplace again after limb amputation, or they can help you develop techniques for children with behavioral disorders to do better in school.

Occupational therapy is not the same as physical therapy, although there is some overlap between the two disciplines, as both are types of rehabilitative care. The goal of occupational therapy is to help patients learn how to perform daily tasks with their specific disability by improving their fine and gross motor skills. The occupational therapist can also help you make your home or school environment the optimal environment for daily life to minimize any risks you may encounter. The goal of occupational therapy is to maximize your ability to perform everyday tasks independently, productively, and effectively.

Our Services

Our occupational therapy services include:

  • Self-care and daily living assistance: You may need to relearn how to perform daily tasks after a significant injury, illness, or recovering from surgery. This includes getting dressed, eating, bathing, toileting, and so on.
  • Gross and fine motor skill education: Motor skills are the muscles used to perform tasks such as reaching something from a high shelf (gross motor skills), or the ability to write by hand or button up a shirt (fine motor skills).
  • Assessing your home: The occupational therapist may come to your home to identify ways to make carrying out your ordinary tasks more manageable, such as moving loose cords or making sure throw rugs are secure.
  • Teaching stress management: It can be frustrating when your physical capabilities decline, for whatever reason. Your occupational therapist will address the problem and help increase your flexibility and reduce pain.
  • And more

To reach our rehabilitation department, please call (985) 873-4141. Your doctor will likely refer you to an occupational therapist, but you may seek one out on your own, too.

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