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Preparing to Breastfeed

Our Lactation Services offer a free prenatal breastfeeding class designed to prepare the expectant family. We encourage all families planning to breastfeed or those who would like additional information in order to make an informed decision to attend this educational class. For expectant mothers who have specific concerns related to breastfeeding preparations, a private prenatal consult can be scheduled with one of our Lactation Consultants.

Lactation Services

Lactation Consultant: a healthcare provider with specialized knowledge and expertise in the fields of human lactation and breastfeeding

After delivery, you will receive a Breastfeeding Journal. This journal is designed to help guide you through the first week of breastfeeding. During this time, it is important to record each feeding, wet diaper, and bowel movement using the daily chart. Information on what to expect each day will guide you along the way. Bring your journal with you to your baby’s doctor appointments and lactation consultations.

For mothers choosing to breastfeed their babies, Terrebonne General offers the opportunity to meet with a Lactation Consultant during pregnancy and following delivery.

By having your baby in our Women’s Health Center, you can be confident that all of our practices will support your decisions and help you reach your breastfeeding goals.

If you need assistance, contact our Lactation Department at 985-858-7279.

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