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Managing Your Labor

Natural pain relief during labor

Non-pharmacological methods of pain relief can be very effective during labor and childbirth. Techniques such as patterned breathing, relaxation, and visualization can increase the production of endorphins and relieve pain. Birth partner support, position changes, massage, emptying the bladder, and a relaxing environment can be very beneficial by lessening the sensation of labor contractions. Our Prepared Childbirth Classes can help prepare you and your coach for a comfortable, natural delivery.

Pain relief options during labor

There are several options for pain relief during labor. Systemic medications and regional anesthesia, including the epidural, are available upon request. Discuss your options for pain relief with your healthcare provider so you can make an informed choice in managing your labor. Our Labor and Delivery unit is staffed 24 hours a day with a member of our anesthesia team to meet your needs.

Women who attend classes learn how to cope with the discomforts of labor and often require less medication for pain relief.

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