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Gift and Birth Designations

What is The Gift?

The Gift is an equity-focused, evidence-based quality improvement and designation program that provides tools, training, and coaching to support Louisiana birthing facilities with safe, equitable, and patient-centered implementation of internationally recognized best practices to improve breastfeeding and infant feeding outcomes.

The Gift uses comprehensive tools, training, and quality improvement science to improve maternal and infant morbidity and mortality outcomes in Louisiana. Hospital coaching activities include collaborative learning coaching calls, topic calls, and one-on-one hospital quality improvement planning (charter chats) focused on safe and equitable implementation of best practices related to infant feeding and birth parent-infant attachment.

What is Birth Ready Designation?

In an effort to recognize participating Louisiana Perinatal Quality Collaborative (LaPQC) facilities and create a system of sustained evidence-based change, the LaPQC offers the Louisiana Birth Ready Designation. With two tiers of achievement – Louisiana Birth Ready and Louisiana Birth Ready+ – the Designation recognizes facilities’ consistent, thoughtful healthcare improvement work. Birth Ready Designation also celebrates improved perinatal health outcomes, the result of implementing clinical practices that promote safe, equitable, and dignified birth for all birthing persons in Louisiana.

Each Designation level includes five areas of requirement: participation in collaborative learning, health disparity and patient partnership, policies and procedures, structures and education, and outcome and process measures. Many of the hospitals awarded Designation have been working for years with the LaPQC, implementing evidence-based best practices that address common causes of maternal mortality and morbidity related to hemorrhage and hypertension, as well as practices that promote vaginal birth.

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