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Rooming In/Safe Sleep Practices

At Terrebonne General, we believe strong family bonds start at birth. During your hospital stay, your baby will remain in your room with you at all times. This will allow you and your loved ones the opportunity to get to know the newest addition to your family. It will also help reduce interruptions of sleep and feedings.

Keeping families together during these early important days helps moms and dads to adjust to parenthood and learn their new baby’s behaviors. Please be assured that our staff is available 24/7, and you will be given your nurse’s direct number if questions or needs arise. Our staff will also visit your room to check on you frequently.

During your hospital stay, the safest place for your baby to sleep is in the baby crib in your room. Your hospital bed is designed for adults, not for babies, so there is a greater risk of falls when your baby sleeps in bed with you. We encourage you to practice skin-to-skin as often as possible during the early days; however, if you are feeling sleepy, are taking strong pain medication, or feel that you are too impaired to respond safely to your infant, please let the staff know so that they can safely place your infant in the crib next to your bed. Many moms find it very helpful to have another family member stay with them while in the hospital to help with the baby so that they can nap frequently.

Research has shown that keeping mothers and babies together during their hospital stay leads to better breastfeeding success and greatly improves an infant’s transition to life outside the womb.

New mothers and babies need time to heal and recover from birth. “Cuddle time” gives a new mother and her champion the special time they need to be alone with their baby. It is a time to bond and become a family and to catch up on needed rest.

Visitors in the Women’s Health Center are asked to honor this time set aside for parents and their new baby daily from 2 pm to 4 pm. To help create a soothing environment, the lights are dimmed, and staff will announce the beginning of Cuddle Time.

We have a Neonatal Observation Unit where babies may be brought to be observed by medical and nursing staff in the event of emergencies and certain medical procedures that cannot be done at your bedside. All other routine procedures will be done in your room.

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