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Maternal & Fetal Medicine

In Touch with Mothers & Babies

In the Terrebonne General obstetrics (OB) area, we utilize advanced fetal monitors and computer systems to closely monitor both mother and baby. This helps our staff so they can stay in touch from any area of the labor and delivery rooms. In the case of a high-risk pregnancy, the center’s first floor houses a maternal-fetal medicine clinic designed for high-risk mothers who require the care of a perinatologist.

Antepartum rooms in the labor and delivery unit allow staff and doctors to monitor OB patients for testing, medical complications, or in instances of pre-term labor. For mothers in active labor, the center’s all-private labor, delivery, and recovery rooms (LDR) offer large, tranquil suites equipped with comfortable furnishings and top-of-the-line birthing and fetal monitoring technology.

Following delivery, patients recover in these rooms while being monitored by professional, caring staff certified in inpatient obstetrics. Patients who have had a C-section or tubal ligation also recover in their room with a registered nurse trained in recovering post-op surgeries.

Terrebonne General: A Bayou's Best Birth Facility

For two consecutive years, Terrebonne General has been voted the Bayou's Best birthing facility. Our Women's Center staff provides the optimal care level for mothers and their babies. For baby, home is in your arms, skin to skin. The first hours after your baby's birth, you will be able to hold your baby skin to skin. This is where your baby's bare body is held against your chest, heart to heart. Your baby will use their instincts to follow nine special steps to meet you and adjust to their new world.

Following recovery, patients move to postpartum rooms for the remainder of their hospital stay. This 20-bed unit offers large, private rooms. Your baby will remain in your room with you at all times rather than being whisked away to a nursery. This will allow you and your loved ones the opportunity to get to know the newest addition to your family. It also helps reduce interruptions of sleep and feedings. Research shows keeping mothers and babies together during their hospital stay leads to better breastfeeding success and significantly improves an infant's transition to life outside the womb. It helps a mother bond with her baby, and it is calming for the baby. New mothers and babies need time to heal and recover from birth. Cuddle time gives parents the special time they need to be alone with their new baby. Every day from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., parents can bond, become a family, and catch up on much-needed rest. The lights are dimmed, and visitors are asked to honor this time set aside for parents.

Is Your Baby in Our Level III NICU? Monitor Your Baby Via Webcam.

Terrebonne General’s team of experienced maternal-child nurses begin taking care of your new baby upon delivery. As skilled neonatal care providers, the Women’s Center has a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), specializing in caring for babies born prematurely or those requiring focused care resulting from complications during the newborn period.

You will be able to monitor your baby remotely from the Terrebonne General virtual nursery, so you can feel closer to your newborn while our staff diligently attends to their needs. The NICVIEW® 2 Live Video Streaming Camera System has been installed in our neonatal intensive care unit at Terrebonne General. This NICU camera system helps extend family-centered care by giving family members a virtual window to their newborns. Many of the babies in the NICU born prematurely are released within a few days, however, the length of stay for some on this unit can be longer. While not a replacement for visiting in person, this password-protected system allows parents and extended family members 24/7 access to their new bundle of joy.

Terrebonne General’s Women’s Health Center knows that childbirth is an emotional event for parents and families, particularly when a newborn’s first few critical days, weeks, or even months are spent in the NICU. NICVIEW 2 is unobtrusive and can be activated and repositioned at will, ensuring NICU staff always remain in control of the care process. 24/7 video streaming with NICVIEW 2 helps families feel more involved right from the start, making them partners in the process of giving their hospitalized infant the best start in life.

Lactation Consults: Learn How to Breastfeed

Lactation consultants are available to see mothers prior to delivery with breastfeeding questions and after birth. They are available after you deliver to assist with helping you latch your baby for the first time. Lactation consultants are available to see you during your stay in the hospital. Our Women's Center nurses have been extensively trained in breastfeeding education and skills to make sure you meet your breastfeeding goals. After you go home, Terrebonne General offers outpatient lactation appointments if needed.

While under the care of the center’s skilled maternal-child team, patients and their families will receive individualized attention. The staff will conduct a needs assessment for the mother and recommend various programs to help ensure a healthy transition as a family takes their new baby home.

Lactation Services:

Appointments are available through the lactation department (985) 858-7279. Click here for information on Childbirth classes.

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